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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Use de Audio File in all my projects during all my life?


Can I make a new song adding my voice or another instrument and sell it?

Yes. But you can't register the new song in any PROs, performing rights organizations (PROs), copyright collectives or copyright collecting agencies.And you can't claim the copyright of the new song.

Can I upload the Audio file or a modification of it to the YouTube’s Content ID system?


Can I use the Auido File in a film and sell the movie?

Yes, withou limit of sells and forever.

Can I use the Audio File in my shop, bussiness, etc?


What format do the original files have?

The files are served in MP3 format with 320Kbps compression.

Is the license added with the file?


Can I use this music in commercial projects?

Yes, as long as the terms of the License are met.

Does the license have a time limit or number of uses?

No, the license is forever for the buyer and without limit of uses for each buyer. Read the License for more information.

How many file download options do I have once paid?

You have 5 times to download the same file after purchase, in case you lose it or need to download it again. You will receive the download link once you buy it.

What can you do and what you can't with the license?

You must give appropriate credit to the author, composer, producer and performer of the Audio File.

  The license allows you to:

-Use and modify the Audio File without limit of projects or uses and without limit in time (lifetime) including personal and commercial uses, except by the uses and modifications that are strictly forbids by the license.

-Use the Audio File for commercial projects without limit of sells or uses of the project (example: film, TV, radio, etc), except by the uses that are strictly forbids by the license.

-Add vocals or other instruments to the Audio File or use the Audio File as sample in a new Audio File and sell it or share it. In this cases you must give appropriate credit to the author of the Audio File in the title of the new Audio Recording,( example: Your_name feat. Tittle_and_AUTHOR_of_AudioFile // Your_name Riddim: Tittle_and_AUTHOR_of_AudioFile ).
You can't claim for copyright, ownership or authorship of the Audio File or the new Audio File modified. You can claim authorship (and separately) only for melodies, instruments or parts of music that you aggregate and compose to the Audio File (Example: If you add vocals to the Audio file, you can register only the melody of the vocals, not the riddim/music). In any case you can't register the set of the audio file with your modifications, instruments, vocals, etc. You must do it SEPARATELY.

-Make a remix of the Audio File and sell it or share. In this case, you can't claim de ownership, authorship or copyright of the audio file or the remix. You must give appropriate credit to the author of the Audio File in the title of the new Audio Recording (Remix),( example: Your_name Remix of: Tittle_and_AUTHOR_of_AudioFile // Your_name Riddim/Original: Tittle_and_AUTHOR_of_AudioFile ).

  The license strictly forbids you to:

-Claim ownership or authorship of the Audio File. Claim to be the creator or copyright holder of the Audio File or of any derivative work created from a modification of the Audio File.

-Upload the Audio File to YouTube’s Content ID system

-Transfer, share or sub-lease this license with any other party, person or company. Every individual person, business or separate company entity must purchase a separate license.

-Register the Audio File, a remix of it or a derivative audio file (with instruments or vocals added to it) with performing rights organizations (PROs), copyright collectives or copyright collecting agencies.

-Sell or share the Audio File as a music only product without modification (add vocals, new instrument, remix... ) to any other individual, company, party, etc.

-Use the Audio File for unlawful or illegal purposes. Also, you can’t use the Item in connection with defamatory or demeaning material.
 -Transfer, sell, donate, share or lease the license for the Audio File or of any derivative work created from the Audio File. The distribution, share or sell of the license of the Audio File is exclusive to Noiseu Produccions SLU.

You can use the audio file for/in:
 Online Videos (youtube, vimeo,...)
Website Background Music
Educational Play, Film
Music On Hold
Background Music in:  Bar, restaurant, Shop, Gym...                       
Web Advertising               
TV/Radio Broadcasting                      
Video Game
Public Show                      
Local TV/Radio Advertising                      
National/International TV/Radio Advertising                      
Video Production Software                      
Adding Lyrics or and solist instrument and Make A Song
Audio Podcast
Audio Book
Meditation Soundtrack
Product/Brand Advertising
Computer & Video Games
Paid Public Performances/Events
...and all uses that respect the terms of license.