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Flexible Dynamic Range

We call Flexible Dynamic Range of an audio file to a file that has not been processed beyond its original dynamic range, or that has not been compressed or limited beyond the 0 db digital. That is, is an audio that retains all the harmonics of the studio recording. It is an audio file that is not processed in final form, it is not compressed or limited to give more volume to the file (Loudness war). 

Files marked as "Flexible Dynamic Range: Yes" are files that you can master, modify, and adapt fully to your project because they have all the dynamic range to make it (all the amplitude). This does not mean that the files are not mastered or processed, all files in and are mastered and processed to get the best audio quality without losing the overall dynamics and harmonics of different instruments. 

Most of our files have flexible dynamic range and that makes us unique. You can only find this in our websites, we can do it, because we are producers and creators and because our files come directly from our recording studio. That is why we are unique, we are the professionalism you seek, at an incredible price.

  Flexible Dynamic Range: YES

 Flexible Dynamic Range: NO